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 Quality Services

Air Quality & Mold Testing

The goal of sampling is to learn about the levels of mold growth and amplification in buildings. In general, indoor fungal concentrations should be similar to or lower than outdoor levels. High levels of mold only found inside buildings often suggest indoor amplification of the fungi. Furthermore, the detection of water-indicating fungi, even at low levels may require further evaluation.

There are several types of testing methods that can detect the presence of mold. They can be used to find mold spores that are suspended in air, in settled dust, or mold growing on surfaces of building materials and furnishings. There are different methods that can identify types of live mold and dead mold in an environment:

  •  Air Sampling
  •  Tape (or tape-lift)
  •  Bulk
  •  Swab
  •  Carpet (filter-type)

If you suspect toxic mold or other airborne contaminants in your indoor environment we can provide you with this service using professional  lab certified timely results.

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