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 Quality Services

 Quality Services

Ozone Odour Treatments

We provide our customers with the best patented ozone systems and services. Our reputation is supported by an impeccable success record for eliminating foul odours (smoke, pet, mold, etc.) while effectively killing bacteria and viruses.

The Benefits of Cleaning with Ozone are:

  •  Odour Elimination.
  •  Surface Sanitizing. It gets into the spots you cannot reach (food preparation areas).
  •  Kills Bacteria and Micro-Organisms on contact.
  •  With a pre-treatment, it will kill the smells from pet stains.
  •  Eradicates the odour associated with fire and flood damage, mold, pets, sports equipment, and tobacco, to name a few!

100% Eco Friendly

Chemical - Free Technology

Positive Environmental Impact

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